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82% of the home owners who have contacted us for a loan review found a better deal
If you're not having your home loan reviewed on a regular basis, you could be spending thousands of dollars on unnecessary interest payments and loan fees. A very simple three minute phone call with an Assured Lending Mortgage Broker can ascertain if a home loan refinance could save you money or meet other financial needs you may have. We look at your current interest rate, loan fees and the terms and conditions of your loan. We also consider any changes you may want to make to your financial situation like consolidating debts or drawing some of the equity from your property. We will let you know what better home loan options are available for you and will provide you with a full home loan comparison report. Any advice we give you is completely cost and obligation free. A home loan review costs you nothing but it could save you thousands.
Home loan refinancing made easy
We take the stress out of home loans by doing all the research and paperwork for you.
Step 01
Current home loan & needs analysis review
Our Mortgage Brokers will get an overview of your needs and then provide you with a cost & obligation free loan refinance comparison report. We'll discuss the pros & cons of each option and outline what the refinance application process entails.
Step 02
Assembling your home loan refinance application
Once you have decided on the preffered option for your home loan refinance, your Assured Lending Mortgage Broker will complete all the application paperwork
on your behalf.
Step 03
Getting your home loan refinance approval
We will advise you as soon as the home loan refinance has been approved and assist you with completing your new loan documents and the discharge documents to release your existing loan.
Why refinance your home loan?

A free, 3 minute home loan review could save you thousands

A home loan refinance could save you money with a lower interest rate and lower ongoing lender fees
Refinancing allows you to release equity in your home to build wealth or achieve other personal goals
Refinancing gives you the opportunity to change the structure of your home loan to better suit your changing needs
Refinancing allows you to consolidate debts into one low interest loan
No matter where in Australia your located, we'll find the right loan for you.
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